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Please bear with us as we transition to our new website.  There are issues we are finding hourly, with our old webpage turned off we were forced to publish an incomplete webstore and are working on it daily to provide the services we used to provide.  Please give us a call at 502-459-9448 or email - for any questions regarding our website.  We apologize for the inconvenience Its not been a smooth transition like we had hoped it would have been.

While we still work to transition the page over to being 100% opperable, I feel like i have it in a position where I am comfortable allowing orders to be placed once again. If you see anything that shouldnt be there or looks wrong, please email or call.

This text box will go away once we are up and going with 100% confidence.



Custom & stock sporting goods
and apparel for schools and athletic leagues

Product of the week

Vinyl stickers for team or player support